CCS’s Managed Services Solutions (MSS) follow a rigorous methodology to ensure success and are designed to help you:

Identify which elements of your overall IT capabilities are suitable for outsourcing to a trusted partner

Improve the performance and reliability of specific processes

Cut the costs of performing routine tasks and maintenance

Free up time for you and your team to engage in higher value activities

CCS doesn’t just place an IT consultant on secondment at your company for a set amount of hours a month, with no particular direction. Instead, CCS’s solution is broken down into five comprehensive phases. Each phase of the solution provides CCS consultants with firm direction and a defined list of tasks to be completed.

Phase 1

Business Needs Definition

The first and possibly most important base of the Managed Services Solution is defining customer’s business needs. In this phase, CCS will conduct a meeting with a client’s key management to identify business needs and expectations as they relate to IT resources.

From the information gathered in this meeting, CCS consultants will fully understand what the client’s management expects from its information systems and will later be able to compare those expectations to what the systems in place actually deliver. 

Phase 2

Detailed Review of IT Systems

When Phase-I is complete CCS will review the existing IT systems. This will include an audit of all hardware, network, telecommunications and software applications. The result of the review will be a document that identifies all elements of the customer’s IT systems.

The review will report a summary of all components of IT systems, provide a brief description on how they are configured and will list any discovered issues. Additionally, the review will provide a report of all findings and recommendations for change. 

Phase 3

Make Changes

This portion of the solution may or may not apply to a company that is interested in CCS’ MSS. During Phase 3, CCS consultants make any changes to the client’s IT systems that have been identified as ‘Immediate Required Action’ from the Detailed Review of IT Systems in Phase 2.

CCS may also make changes to systems that fall under the ‘Suggested Actions List’ if it is supported by a client’s management team.



Phase 4


Documentation will be ongoing through the first three phases. Once the systems are all in a position where they are ‘meeting the defined business needs’ and are configured and operating in line with ‘IT best practices’ the system will be properly documented in a detailed manner. Additionally, a management report outlining all the findings will be compiled and presented to the MSS customer. This documentation will become the basis for ongoing change management processes and continual documentation moving forward.

Phase 5

Support Plan

Tripod Support System

Part of the Managed Services solution is to provide our Managed Services customers with Tripod Support. The Tripod Support system is simply having one lead IT consultant within a supported customer and two other consultants with similar skill sets as backup to the lead, to cover for sick days, emergencies etc.

Under this service structure CCS ensures that each consultant that is a part of this team is given time to become familiar with the customer’s IT environment. Therefore, in the event they are needed they will be able to perform immediately. This system also allows for smoother transitions should there ever be a change in staff at CCS.


Managed Services List

From the information gathered in the infrastructure audit we will create a Managed Service List. This list will outline weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks that should be completed in order to ensure proactive and continual support of the IT systems.

The Managed Service List will serve as an administration tool for the designated IT support staff. To track progress, CCS will provide its MSS clients with a monthly management report. The report identifies all the tasks that have been completed that month. Any outstanding tasks are flagged and a reason with a follow-up action is provided.

For more information on the MSS program, please CLICK HERE to contact a CCS representative.


Unfortunately, we can’t always plan for technology failures. At some point, most companies will need support on a component of their infrastructure when there isn’t a qualified IT professional on-site. In these situations, customers call our helpdesk, log an issue and wait for the next available consultant. Under this process CCS reacts as quickly as it possibly can, but there will be times when all of our consultants are otherwise engaged and a customer will have to wait–potentially several hours–to get a consultant on-site.

For customers that cannot afford to wait in these situations, CCS recommends purchasing a prepaid time block. Time units are used every time a service request to the CCS service desk is made, via emailing or telephoning 294-3434. The quantity of time units that are consumed depends on the level of service a client requests.

In addition to significant cost savings over traditional support, time blocks ensure you receive support within 2 hours for critical events. Calls from time block customers take precedence over calls from clients with no agreement in place.



Time blocks are offered at a minimum of 40 units, but many customers purchase 60 to 100 units due to the nature of their business and dependence on IT systems.

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