Managed IT Security


(Because Cyber Criminals Never Sleep!)

CCS Group’s Managed Cyber Security reduces your costs and monitors your systems 24/7/365 with leading “World-Class” Cybersecurity Services giving you piece of mind and freedom to focus on your business.


Get Control of Your Risks

CCS’s Vulnerability Management Program continually identifies, evaluates, and corrects security vulnerabilities to help protect the organization’s attack surface.

This fully-managed service provides:

      • Comprehensive program development
      • Asset discovery and classification
      • Continuous monitoring
      • Recommended mitigation
      • Recommended remediation
      • Tracks risk for formal acceptance for the organization


This is the process of identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting on security vulnerabilities in systems and the software that runs on them. This, implemented alongside other security tactics, is vital for organizations to prioritize possible threats and minimizing their “attack surface.“

The service prevents widespread security incidents by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). We stay ahead of the attackers, keeping your business secure.


      • Continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities saves your business precious time
      • Better assessments about what risks need to be fixed
      • Prevents costly breaches

CCS’s Vulnerability Scanning Service checks your environment for risks by scanning your systems and applications. The scan results are provided in a detailed report that includes a detailed summary for each vulnerability, categorized by criticality, recommended remediation actions, helps the IT team prioritize patching.

Identified systems are probed for different attributes. This information is then used to associate known vulnerabilities to scanned systems.


      • Identifies risks by scanning network-accessible systems
      • Identifies open ports and services running on scanned systems
      • Passively tests systems to gather detailed system information
      • Correlates system information with known vulnerabilities

CCS’s Managed Endpoint Protection is a service that monitors and prevents malware, ransomware, viruses, bots, and zero-day attacks from executing on your endpoint systems. CCS’s Cybersecurity Services will monitor, manage reporting, and respond to threats to your organization`s endpoints.

The program uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide the highest levels of security. There are no signatures, patching, system scans, or slow endpoints due to the security solution running on your systems.


      • Prevent major breaches
      • Find and contain threats
      • Reduce the impacts of potential breaches
      • Drive consistent levels of security

CCS’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service monitors and manages customer threats 24/7/365. Our team will investigate, triage, and remediate threat detections.

The service prevents widespread security incidents by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to provide detection, threat hunting, and response. We stay ahead of the attackers, keeping your business secure.


      • Prevent zero-day and ransomware attacks
      • Identify and block malicious executables
      • Manage USB device usage – prevent unauthorized devices
      • Restrict any application changes on the device
      • Contain incidents at machine speed
      • Eradicate root causes beyond any immediate threat




Tomorrow is never a good time

to secure your environment.

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