CCS Group has acheived many outstanding successes since its formation in 1982 that have laid the foundation for us to become Bermuda’s premier IT and communications service provider. Our approach is simple, we invest in technologies and services that maximize our business opportunities. This approach allows us to partner with the best manufactures to deliver bespoke solutions for our customers.

CCS’s workforce of 30+ talented people combines global expertise and innovation, to understand our customer requirements. Maintaining strong relationships and delivering our promises to our customers is a fundamental element of the services we provide.
Our product base is extremely customizable and therefore requires extensive knowledge to create extra value for our customers. Our people make the difference. We continuously invest in the improvement of their skills to high performance standards. We believe that this is the best way to keep and to attract talent.
We are committed to growing and nurturing Bermudian talent. Our financial contributions to programs and certifications are essential. Not only does this enable our staff to operate, but inspires them to engage with new technologies and expand their areas of expertise.
Today as we weather these turbulent economic times we do not underestimate the challenges ahead. I trust that CCS, which has established itself as a respected IT service provider, will continue to strengthen its relationships and drive to be your IT and communications service provider of choice.

Peter L. Aldrich
CCS Group General Manager